All Sides Of The Story


Let me just say that I love the music of Phil Collins.  I can  not say that I love the man because I have never met him.  But his music has been a big part of my life since 1981.  The music that he made with  Genesis and as a solo artist is amoung some of my all time favorite music.  The recent news that he is coming out of retirement is great news for me.  Just some personal Phil Collins facts:


  • His Both Sides album is my 2nd favorite album of all time


  • Hands down he is my all time favorite drummer


  • My second favorite vocalist, ever


  • Genesis in 1986 was my very first concert


  • Genesis is one of my top three all time favorite bands, Phil Collins is a big reason for that.

The future is uncertain and I don’t want to get too greedy.  The man produced a great deal of music over the years.  However, he has also given a lot for the sake of playing music: hearing loss, back injury, his personal life made very public, etc.  His health is the most important thing.  I am hoping for a healthy and whole Phil Collins capable of producing incredible  new music for years to come.   And perhaps one day he can get together with Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford for one more Genesis album, THAT would be nice!

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