The Curious Case of Tony Banks


I am a HUGE fan of the band Genesis.  I am also a fan of a good deal of the solo material released by various members of the band over the years.  Focusing on the five main players in the band’s history (Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins) and their music careers outside of the band, one thing stands out.  That is the lack of success of one member, Tony Banks.

Phil Collins became a household name and arguably one of the biggest pop stars of the 1980′ and 90’s.

Peter Gabriel was a mainstay of MTV in the 80’s.  He has achieved worldwide recognition as well as a great deal of critical acclaim because of his innovative music.

Mike Rutherford formed Mike and the Mechanics and had a few top 40 hits as well as an #1 single.

Steve Hackett has had moderate success as a solo artist. He has developed a small, but loyal fan base over the years.  But he had his biggest success with the band GTR.  The band produced one successful album which spawned one hit single.

Tony Banks?  A curious case, nine albums, including two band projects, and no success.  Genesis fans and music fans in general seem to regard his solo career with  a collective sigh of indifference.  I wish I knew why, I love his solo recording.  He was arguably the most important songwriter in Genesis.  Throughout the band’s career his keyboards shaped the overall sound of the band.  In most cases his solo recordings are just as good, if not better, than the music that he produced with Genesis.  So, if you are feeling musically adventurous than I would strongly advise that you check out his solo work.


3 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Tony Banks

  1. I was working on a project this weekend and listened to Musical Box through the Lamb back to back to back.. and noticed two things- How Banks steadily grew – meaning stepped forward – IMO due to the added toys, electronics, KBs… but at the same time how much Hackett added to the sound and how much he was missed after Banks assumed more and more control after PG and SH ultimately left.. but still relied so much on the others in the band… to your point- Banks is not a solo artist. The best Genesis albums are those with Hacket High up on the mix.


  2. Let me come straight to the point, I LOVE GENESIS !…… But apart from : a curious feeling : the rest of Tony’s stuff just isn’t that good.

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