Rock And Roll Rebels

Stone-Wall-smallThe essense of rock and roll is rooted in rebellion and nonconformity.  Heavy metal takes this to even higher heights. In a genre that many believe to be filled with suicidal mother killing satanists one would think that nonconformity would in fact be the norm.  However, so many bands fall in line with the sterotypical conventions of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

But if there is one band that stands apart from so many of the others it has to be Stryper.   Stryper has primary spent their career singing about God, His love for mankind and salvation through His son Jesus Christ.  During their concerts it is not uncommon for the band to toss Bibles out into the audience.

The band’s lead singer, Michael Sweet, recently gave an interview and made the following statement, “I feel like we’re bigger rebels than most bands out there because of what we stand for.”   That comment was met with lots of dismissive replies on the internet.  Stryper’s a Christian band, how rebellious can they be?

Far to many bands are content to regurgitate the same old dark cliches in order to fit into the metal scene.  Stryper on the other hand, by their lyrical content, set themselves so far from the norms of the genre. A great example of a typical Styper lyric can be heard in the band’s song More Than A Man.  The song contains the following chorus, “God I will follow you because you died for me. Gave to me your life to set me free. Anyone who asks shall receive, Jesus in your heart, It’s time for you to start giving God all the glory.”  Not at all what one would expect from a heavy metal song.  I have to agree with Michael Sweet, Stryper are indeed rock and roll rebels.

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