David Bowie is dead. When I initially read the news it just did not seem real, it still does not seem real. But as I think on it now it would seem that he went a similar route as Freddie Mercury and hid his illness, (cancer), from the public.

Bowie’s music was never a huge part of my life. I never bought a cassette, album or cd of his. But I was always aware of his presense and he did record quite a few songs over the years that I have enjoyed.  His duet with Queen still gives me chills at times.  It is quite possible, due to his extreme diversity musically, that there is at least one Bowie song that most everyone is a fan of.  Although I was just a casual observer of his career I did recognize how unique he was as a vocalist and performer.  For a time it seemed that his music was in constant rotation on the local rock stations, as well as on MTV.

Popular music is filled with copycats, soundalikes and far too many artists who willingly recycle musical clichés. Bowie stood apart from most everyone. A truly unique voice is now silent.

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