No Opinions Allowed?

Someone recently posted a link on Facebook.  The link was for an article about one of my favorite bands. The author of the article ranked the band’s albums from worst to best.  It’s generally interesting to read how others feel about my favorite bands, whether they be fellow fans or critics. I clicked on the link and read the article and the author’s reasoning for the rankings.  It was a good read and I had no issue with the article. Did I totally agree with the ranking of the albums, or all of the comments? No, and that fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, whether I agree with them or not.

My issue was with a few comments posted on Facebook in regards to the rankings in the article. The word “ridulous”, in regard to the authors ranking, was used a few times. Ridulous, really!?!? How can someone’s opinions be ridulous? I love music and I love discussing it, with open minded people. I am game to agree to disagree. But I would never post that someone else’s opinions are not valid. Even if someone is more informed on a topic, does it really make one opinion more valid than another? That was not the case here, it was obvious that the author of the article  was well versed on the band being ranked. I must say that narrowminded people who do not allow for the opinions of others really bother me, at times. If you disagree with someone else’s article or list write your own and we’ll discuss it, with open minds.

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