Goodbye George Martin

I just want to acknowledge the passing of music producer George Martin. Over the years many have called him the fifth Beatle.  I would consider myself a causal fan of The Beatles. I have heard many of their known and not so well known songs over the years.  I own  Rubber Soul and Revolver, both are fantastic albums.

In my opinion the Beatles are the most important band in rock and roll history.  It goes without saying that George Martin is a big reason for this fact. Love them or hate them The Beatles have pretty much influenced everyone in popular music, in some way, shape or form.

One of my all time favorite bands was heavily influenced by The Beatles and that would be Queen.  In simplistic terms one could describe Queen as The Beatles on steroids.  The Beatles were in many ways the foundation that Queen used to build upon their wild, over the top mix of Zeppelinish heavy rock, opera, classical, vaudeville, pop, gospel and progressive rock. Without George Martin’s innovative production of The Beatles, Queen would have been a very different sounding band, if they even existed at all.  Without George Martin popular music today would sound very different.


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