The Future Of Blade Runner


Blade Runner is a flawed, but brilliant and beautiful movie. I can not get enough of this film. Since it’s release in 1982 I have watched it at least once every year. In Blade Runner director Ridley Scott helped to create a story so full of potential. As much as I love Harrison Ford’s portrayal of Rick Deckard, there are so many other stories to tell beyond this lone Blade Runner.

I can not understand why some fans over the years have absolutely rejected the idea of any sequels. There are other Blade Runners out there retiring replicants. Perhaps some of them actual enjoy the work. Perhaps others have been careless and accidentally retired humans. What about the beginning of the Blade Runner units? How about past and future generations of replicants.  What came before the Nexus 6 models and what would come after?   In The Terminator the T-800 was cool until we saw the far superior T-1000 in T2. There are so many stories to tell in the Blade Runner universe, why not explore them?

Perhaps some fans are afraid of a bad sequel. Even if that were to happen it would take nothing away from the brilliance of the original. Highlander and The Terminator are great movies which have been followed by a sequels of varying quality. Highlander 2 and Terminator 3 are really bad movies, but they do not lessen the impact or appeal of the originals. The first sequel to Blade Runner is currently in preproduction. I hope that it successfully expands the wonderful universe that Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford helped birth.


12 thoughts on “The Future Of Blade Runner

  1. It is my thought that they left untouched so much of the original novel “Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep” that they could do a sequel based on the remaining material.

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  2. I love Blade Runner, even though the title will forever make no sense. I’d be game not for a remake but for a sequel or just a revisit to that world, even if its future would ring more true if Chinese-inflected than Japanese. And I wouldn’t mind some of the humor that Philip Dick has in the novel. But for SF noir, it can’t be beat.

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    1. I keep saying that I will read Do Androids Dream one day. Perhaps one day they will make a prequel which explains the origin of the name Blade Runner.


  3. it is flawed. one of the flaws, if Deckard is a replicant, and his reflective eyes and unicorn dream show this, how come he is unaware, is he nexus 7 and if so how come he gets so easily beat up and almost killed by every nexus 6 he comes into contact with. shouldn’t he be as strong as them. this is where i stop. i love this movie. its a puzzle, a mystery and it keeps drawing you back. i’ve never seen anything in this world without imperfections, every film has continuity errors, every book has mistakes, every game has bugs. every diamond has flaws. i’m not going to stop loving it for its mistakes


    1. Deckard being a replicant is not one of the movies flaws. It seems to me that the Nexus 6 generation was the elite level replicant, their only flaw being a 4 year life span. As a replicant himself Deckard’s strength level was not as high as the others that he faced in the movie. The ending of the movie with the paper unicorn makes it clear that at that point Deckard is aware that he is a replicant.


      1. Maybe as she was at the company headquarters and thought it was a test before he had to track down the others? Also, he was genuinely surprised that she did not know she wasn’t human — hence his weird reaction.


      2. The VK test revealed her as a replicant and Tyrell confirmed thst she was. Why didn’t he report this to Bryant? He was sent to the Tyrell Corp to find a replicant, he finds one and does nothing. Does not make sense, he went searching for the other replicants for the sole purpose of retiring them, violently. So why let Rachael walk? After Zhora and Leon’s deaths Bryant states that Deckard has three more replicants to kill, Rachael is one of those three.


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