An Overlooked Queen Masterpiece


Many may feel that Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is their crowning achievment. Perhaps, but I would argue that The Prophet’s Song, an epic track from the same album, is a superier song. The band’s following album, A Day At The Races, contains one of Queen’s most overlooked and under appreciated gems. The song was never released as a single. It was performed live for a brief time in the mid 1970s. The song that I am refering to is The Millionaire Waltz. At four minutes and 54 seconds Queen pack more brilliance into this one track than many other bands can muster over an entire cd.

One of the many great things about Queen is that as a band they were four equally talented musicians. The Millionaire Waltz truly reflects this. On display are Freddie Mercury’s classically inspired piano playing, Brian May’s extremely impressive guitar orchestra, Roger Taylor laying down the foundation and John Deacon’s brilliant bass work holding it all together. Add on top of that Freddie’s vocal acrobatics, the band’s over the top vocal choirs and it all adds up to an epic track.

At the two minute and 29 second mark the band could have successfully ended the song. But instead at the 2 minute and 30 second mark the full band comes thundering in, bringing the song to a new level. They spend the rest of the track in a dizzying display of musical brilliance.

To truly appreciate this gem you have to listen with headphones. Sit back and enjoy a nearly five minute musical roller coaster ride and prepare to feel like a millionaire.


19 thoughts on “An Overlooked Queen Masterpiece

    1. WOW!!!! You are an incredibly blessed man! 16 times, I can only imagine. I did not become a Queen fan until 1990. Even if I had been a fan earlier I have two factors against me. Queen stopped touring the U.S. after Hot Space and I was too young anyway. Queen are in my top three favorite bands. Freddie is my favorite singer by far.


    1. I agree, so many great songs, picking a top ten would be so hard, almost impossible. White Queen, Jealousy, All God’s People, Scandal, Father To Son, The Prophet’s Song, Great King Rat, Brighton Rock, Prince of the Universe. But how can you leave out Don’t Stop Me Now, Play the Game, Sail Away Sweet Sister, A Kind of Magic amount so many other absolutely amazing songs?

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  1. I saw Queen in concert in 1978 in Hollywood Florida. They were the only band on and dropped the new News Of The World album that night. Awesome πŸ˜†

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  2. Very cool, I grew up hearing Queen, either on the radio or MTV. But it was not until 1991, when Hollywood Records reissued thier entire catalog that I became a die hard Queen fan.


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