X-Men: Apocalypse, Third Time’s A Charm?



I saw the newest X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, this past week. Here are a few thoughts.  Beware there are spoilers.


The Good:

James McAvoy is excellent as Professor X.
They finally got the look of Magento’s helmet right.
Nightcrawler is back!
It always good to see Hugh Jackman don the claws.
Aside from a few cheesy moments early on Apocalypse was a really good villain.
Angel, Storm and Psylocke were good in the few scenes that they appeared in.
Very cool to hear Metallica’s The Four Horsemen blasting through the theater speakers.


The Bad:

It seems the casting department went out of their way to cast odd looking actors to portray Cyclops, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler.
Why did the writers go so overboard in portraying Mystique as a hero? Makes no sense, Mystique is a villain.
No Colossus?!?! Why leave one of the best X-Men off the team?  His all too brief appearance in X2 is one of the highlights of the entire X-Men movie series.
Does Magneto really have to be in every X-Men movie?


The Ugly:

Jennifer Lawrance is a dud, her performance is dull, boring and passionless.  In the Mystique makeup she is just weird looking.
At times the movie was a bit slow. How is it possible to make a boring X-Men movie?  The prior X-movies were not wall to wall action, but even in the quieter moments they were never boring.


Overall I enjoyed a good portion of the movie, however I was extremely underwhelmed. At the end of the movie I left the theater feeling rather unsatisfied.  This certainly was not the case when I saw Captain America: Civil War or Batman V Superman. Overall the director, Bryan Singer, has done a great job in the previous X-Men movies. However, I do believe that it may be time for him to step aside and bring in some new blood, with a fresh and different approach. The characters of the X-Men are far to exciting to be featured in underwhelming movies like this one.  For all of it’s faults at least X-Men: The Last Stand was an exciting movie.

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