Phil Collins: A Survivor

The release date for Phil Collins’ new autobiography, Not Dead Yet, was recently announced. The book will be released later this year on October 25. The title is a tad morbid, especially considering all of the great musicians that we have lost over the last year. The title aside, I am greatly looking forward to reading this book.

I am not a big reader of biographies and autobiographies. In the last year I have read two. The first was Stryper lead singer Michael Sweet’s incredibly candid Honestly. The second was Genesis bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford’s engaging and at times enlightening The Living Years: The First Genesis Memoir. In both bios the authors discussed their fellow band mates, not always in a positive light.  But both really used the bulk of their books to expose personal things about themselves; good, bad and sometimes ugly.

With Phil Collins’ Not Dead Yet I am not looking for a juicy tell all full of dirt and scandal. However, I am very curious to peer behind the curtain of the Genesis machine. More than anything I want to read about the band’s creative process. I want to read about their songwriting approaches, their recording sessions and tour preparation. I do believe that Phil Collins is the Genesis member objective enough to deliver the most grounded view of the band. I am also very curious to read about his highly successful solo career, as well as his personal life. He has promised a tell all, so my interest is piqued. I have been a huge fan of Genesis and Phil Collins since 1981.  I do hope for a great read from a man whose music has been such a large part of my life for so many years.



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