Roger Taylor, Still Riding The Wild Wind



A big Happy 67th Birthday to Roger Taylor, the beat behind Queen. Roger Taylor, much like Phil Collins, is so much more than just a fantastic drummer. Roger is also an excellent singer and songwriter and a solid guitar player. Although he may have been the third vocalist in Queen his voice helped to shape the band’s unique and instantly recognizable vocal sound. He also proved to be Queen’s most prolific songwriter, outside of the band, releasing three albums with his band The Cross as well as five solo albums. At 67 years old Roger is still the driving beat behind Queen, now assisted live by his son Rufus. His most recent solo album Fun On Earth, released in 2013, proved that he still has the passion to create great modern times rock and roll. In honor of his birthday here is my top ten favorite Roger Taylor Queen songs.  Picking ten was fairly difficult, but trying to put them in order would prove to be even more so.  Here they are in chronological order, enjoy!

Tenement Funster – 1974
Drowse – 1976
Fight From The Inside – 1977
More Of That Jazz – 1978
Rock It (Prime Jive) – 1980
Action This Day – 1982
Radio Ga Ga – 1984
A Kind Of Magic – 1986
Ride The Wild Wind – 1991
These Are The Days of Our Lives – 1991


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