Inner Sanctum, An Obscure Film Noir


I recently watched an obscure film noir titled Inner Sanctum. After watching the film, which was released in 1948, I realized why it is so obscure. The film contains a typical noir plot, typical noir themes, along with a typical noir protagonist, played by Charles Russell.  Overall it is an enjoyable, but average film.

Good points include a few scenes with some great examples of noir lighting and a solid performance by Russell. Not so good points include bits of misguided, misplaced humor and so-so acting by some of the supporting cast.

Despite the movie’s short comings it does contain one of the best lines that I have heard in a noir movie. Russell shares a scene with actress Mary Beth Hughes, the closest thing to a femme fatale in the movie. After some dialogue between the two Russell says to Hughes, “You’re very pretty when your lips aren’t moving.” Classic noir dialogue, in a not so classic movie. Although the movie is an average film noir, with a running time of 62 minutes it’s not a bad use of 1 hour.



6 thoughts on “Inner Sanctum, An Obscure Film Noir

  1. I usually pay attention to which studio was involved, this time I did not. The director was Lew Landers, I am not familiar with him.

    I saw Kiss Me Deadly about 8 years ago and I did like it. One of these days I will rewatch it.

    Thank you!


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