Have We Forgotten?


Has it really been fifteen years since that fateful day? On this day each year so many of us use social media to post patriotic pictures and  write “Never Forget”. Speaking for myself, I know that I never will. However, in a day and age where the news is filled with so much negativity and superficiality it would seem that we have forgotten what is truly important. Have we become a people who spend far too much time majoring on the minors?

After 9/11 we knew what was truly important. Today so many of us place far too much importance on shallow celebrities, chasing entertainment and obtaining the latest gadgets. Sadly it would appear that we have forgotten the impact of that day.

I pray that we Never Forget how we felt that day. I pray that we focus on what is truly important. I pray that the sense of unity that we felt as a nation in the aftermath of the attacks is Never Forgotten. I pray that the lessons learned and the impact of 9/11 is not just something that we reflect on one day a year.


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