Phil Collins: Passion


One of my favorite attributes of Phil Collins is that the man sings with passion. From his early days in the mid 1970’s fronting Genesis too now that passion is ever present. His recent television appearance singing Another Day In Paradise is a great example. It is apparent that he is still recovering from his recent health issues and surgeries. His mobility seems limited and he looks a little rough around the edges. Dare I say that he looks a bit older than his 65 years. Vocally he has lost some of his range, but overall his distinctive voice is still there. The one thing that remains in full force is that passionate delivery. In some ways this makes up for what may be lacking.

I found myself watching this performance with a smile on my face, I couldn’t help it. Critics didn’t get it and many fans overlooked it. This man and his music have brought a lot of joy to a whole lot of people. I believe that a big reason for his success is his passion. The man loved to play drums and he sang about what he knew with passion and conviction. The song If Leaving Me Is Easy, from his first solo album Face Value, has got to be one of the greatest examples of pure, raw emotion ever recorded.

Whether he’s singing about Blue Girls, Carpet Crawlers or the dissolution of his first marriage the man sings with conviction and passion. Over the years he has chosen to use his own triumphs and tragedies to tell stories. Whether playing  drums or singing songs he has done so with great passion. I am quite pleased that he has chosen to continue to share his musical gifts with the world again.


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