Queen + Marc Martel?


Marc Martel is an extremely gifted singer. I first became aware of him in 2011 by way of  an online Christian music forum. Someone mentioned a band named Downhere whose singer, Martel, sounded like Freddie Mercury. After listening to some songs on the band’s website I ordered one of their cds, Ending Is Beginning. Listening to the cd it is quite apparent that he is a very talented vocalist. However, within the context of Downhere he did not really sound like Freddie Mercury.  Despite this I still enjoyed the cd.

Fast forward a few months later to Martel’s online  audition for Roger Taylor’s official Queen tribute band The Queen Extravaganza. While watching his performance of Queen’s Someone To Love, it is extremely clear that Martel has the uncanny ability to sound like Freddie Mercury when he wants too. That video to date has over 11 million views! Martel has spent the last few years fronting The Queen Extravaganza. He also found the time to launch his solo career. His first solo album, Impersonator, is a diverse collection of upbeat pop and rock songs, I highly recommend it.

In the eyes of quite a few it makes perfect sense for Martel to front Queen.  I must say that I am a big fan of Queen + Paul Rodgers. The Cosmos Rock, the one studio album that they recorded together, is a great set of underrated songs. On paper this combination  should not have  worked, but it did.  Paul  Rodgers has been one of the best singers in rock music since the 1970’s and he’s only improved with age. His bluesy vocal stylings brought a different flavor to Queen’s music.

I am also a fan of Queen + Adam Lambert. In many ways Lambert was the perfect choice to front Queen after Paul Rodgers  moved on. The man has an absolutely amazing voice. His vocals on Queen’s Who Wants To Live Forever will give you chills.

Queen + Marc Martel?  That sounds like a winning formula. Not to take anything away from the great job that Adam Lambert  is currently doing. But Marc Martel fronting Queen would sound so amazing.  In a perfect world Martel and Lambert could alternate tours fronting Queen.  I must say that Martel does have an edge over Lambert in one area.  I feel that Martel’s style  of songwriting would gel better with Queen, if they  ever decided to record some new music.  I know that is a big stretch, but as a fan I can dream. Perhaps, someday one day. In the meantime please watch the attached videos and enjoy a sample of what this very talented man is capable of.

One thought on “Queen + Marc Martel?

  1. Queen + Marc Martel will sound galaxies better than overly-melodramatic Adam “Musical Theater” Lambert. His own pop material is ok, but can’t stand him singing Queen. Except for “Love Kills” and couple other ballads, which he does fairly well. But the point is – Queen + Marc Martel won’t sell. For the majority of the plebeian scum out there it will be “Queen + Wait, who?” or even worse “Queen + Freddie Impersonator” as many butthurt glambert fatgirls already labeled him. That said, Queen + Marc Martel would’ve been pure gold in studio. Judging by Impersonator you can hear Queen, Muse and U2 influence. He’s already more than half way there, Bri and Rog would feel right at home. But will it happen, happen? Noooo.

    Tom Chaplin of Keane did an amazing job at “It’s a Hard Life”, by the way. What a voice.


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