Congratulations To The Cubs


A HUGE congratulations to the 2016 Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series.  What a great time to be a baseball fan.  During the course of the last fifteen  World Series ten different teams have won the title.  In that span the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox have won three times and the St. Louis Cardinals have won it twice.  Of late it would seem that from year to year just about any team can be the winner.

Congrats to Joe Maddon for winning a World Series ring.  This is his second ring, but his first as a manager.  He won his first in 2002 serving as Mike Scioscia’s bench coach with the Anaheim Angels.  He did guide the 2008 Tampa Bay Rays to their first, and only, World Series appearance.  Unfortunately for him they lost in five games to a superior Philadelphia Phillies  team.  Over the last several years Maddon has proven himself to be one of the better managers in baseball.  This win with The Cubs was hard earned and well deserved.

Kudos to Chicago  Cubs President of baseball operations Theo Epstein. Epstein now has a special  place in baseball history.  He had a hand in helping bring World Series titles to two long suffering, and alleged cursed, franchises.  First to the Boston Red Sox in 2004 and now in 2016 to the Chicago Cubs.

Now that the 2016 Major League  Baseball season is over all of us baseball fans can look to 2017 with a clean slate.  Perhaps 2017 will be the year that our team brings home a World Series title.  In the meantime I am very happy  for the Chicago Cubs and their fans.

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