Chan and Stallone


I am a movie lover who has an active imagination. I love to watch movies, but I also love to ponder on possible movies as well.  A few of my prior blog posts have illustrated this fact: see A Warner Brothers What If (June 23, 2016) and Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford: Never Too Late (August 19, 2016).

Jackie Chan and Sylvester Stallone have long been among my favorite movie actors. For many years I have desired to see them make a movie together. They have stated that they are fans of the other’s movies and on more than one occasion have expressed a desire to work together. In fact Stallone wanted Jackie Chan for one of The Expendables movies. Unfortunately  Chan declined, not wishing to be one of several costars.

Chan is currently 62 years old and Stallone is 70. Both are still in great shape, but well past their action movie prime. They continue to make movies so perhaps this collaboration will happen one day. Maybe the movie will be called Better Late Than Never.  Now of course if you wanted to give it one of those macho 80’s movie titles than perhaps you could call it Let The Fists Fly or Hit The Bricks.


Troy T.


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