Mitchum And Cagney

It is rather amazing that Robert Mitchum and James Cagney never made a movie together. Between the two of them they appeared in more than 175 movies. This photo, from 1959 or 1960, was taken as Cagney visited Mitchum on a movie set.

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The two would have made quite a movie together. This photo could actually be a still from a movie. In the movie Cagney and Mitchum are playing cops. Cagney is an aging detective offering advice to Mitchum on how to successfully  pursue gangsters. Or perhaps Mitchum is an elusive con man being pursued across  the country by Cagney’s shrewd veteran G-Man. Another scenario could have Cagney portraying a retired mob boss who is mentoring the younger Mitchum on the fine arts of building a criminal empire. The possibilities between them could have been endless.

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