Why I Have Not Watched Humphrey Bogart’s Last Movie

I consider myself to be a huge fan of Humphrey Bogart’s movies. Of the seventy plus movies that he appeared in I have watched all but six of them. I own quite a few of his movies as well, including The Harder They Fall, his last movie. I must confess that there is a part of me that refuses to watch The Harder They Fall. I have owned the DVD for a few years now. I was fortunate to have found the DVD at a great price online.  But it remains in it’s case waiting to be watched.


My initial intentions were that I would view The Harder They Fall once I had seen all of Bogart’s previous films. On the surface this was not an unrealistic goal since I had seen the majority of his movies at that point. However I ran into a bit of a problem. Some of his earliest movies are not available on DVD. In many of these movies Bogart  had third, fourth  or fifth billing.  This was not an issue for me, I wanted to view the films and see his evolution as an actor. Over time I realized that this quest may not come to a completion. I watched as many of his movies as I could, with the intention of one day watching The Harder They Fall.


A few years have passed and I have yet to watch his last film. You might ask why.  Well it’s a bit silly. Part of me feels that if I watch The Harder They Fall then it will be over. I know that Humphrey Bogart  died in 1957, so his career has been done for a long time. So what exactly will be over? I suppose it’s the thrill of discovering and viewing his filmography, that will be over. Although I regularly re-watch many of his films, once I watch The Harder They Fall there will not be any unseen movies starring Humphrey Bogart for me to discover. It all sounds a bit silly, but I’m being honest.  In those very early films he was just a costar or a supporting player.  He may appear in the movies but they are not Humphrey Bogart movies.

I will watch The Harder They Fall one day, I would say that it is well overdue. The other films that he costarred in that I have not seen are Up The River, A Devil With Women, Body And Soul , Bad Sister (Bette Davis’ debut movie) and A Holy Terror.  Hopefully one day I can complete my quest of watching Bogart’s entire filmography.  It would be fantastic if a company  released them all in a DVD collection, The Unseen Bogart Films. For now at the start of the new year perhaps I should resolve to watch The Harder They Fall in 2017.


Troy T.


6 thoughts on “Why I Have Not Watched Humphrey Bogart’s Last Movie

  1. This is the first time that I felt this way. A couple of years back I went on a Harrison Ford binge, but I did not feel compelled to search out all of his pre Star Wars movies. I just recently watched The Conversation, so I am getting closer.


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