Iona, A Prog Band Worth Exploring


Iona is one of my favorite progressive rock bands. But to merely call them progressive rock does not do their music justice. The band skillfully combines the sounds of prog, jazz, new age, Celtic, folk and world music to create their unique take on progressive rock. With a career spanning twenty six years and eleven albums there is a lot of good music to take in. Their entire catalog is worthwhile listening for those looking for music beyond the norm.

Unfortunately Iona recently announced that the group was disbanding. They have left the door open for possible future projects, however Iona as a band is over. They do leave behind a fantastic discography that includes seven studio albums and four incredible live albums.


I believe that Iona are a progressive rock band worth exploring. Trying to describe their music with words is not an easy thing. I have included a few examples of their music, but these songs only scratch the surface. It is my hope that some will like what they hear from this excellent band and explore their music further.

Troy T.


2 thoughts on “Iona, A Prog Band Worth Exploring

  1. Love this band! The only place I could find their albums for sale where in various Christian stores. and yes, they are definitely Prog focused, especially on albums such as OPEN SKY and BEYOND THESE SHORES (my favourite). Well said, Troy. Prog with Uilleann pipes, but so much more!

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