Song Spotlight: My Melancholy Blues By Queen

My Melancholy Blues is the last song on Queen’s outstanding sixth album, News Of The World, released in 1977. One of the amazing attributes of Queen throughout their career was the diversity of musical styles contained within each of their albums. This was especially true of the band in the 1970’s. The News Of The World album was no exception, it contains an operatic piano rocker, punk inspired hard rock, Led Zeppelin like instrumental freak outs, jazz, bluesy rock, an acoustic ballad, piano ballads and hard rock.

My Melancholy Blues is a stripped back, jazz influenced track that features just piano, bass and very light drums. Listening to the song, one could picture Freddie Mercury, John Deacon and Roger Taylor playing it in a dimly lit, smoke filled lounge.


The song highlights Freddie Mercury’s versatility and subtlety as a vocalist. He delivers a dramatic,  yet mellow, vocal that is understated and over the top at the same time. Absent from the song are any guitar orchestrations, booming bass lines or loud drums.  Also absent are the typically over the top, multi tracked vocals. This is just Freddie’s vocals, pure, simple and brilliant.

The track also displays Freddie Mercury’s overlooked brilliance on the piano. Beginning with just the flourish of jazzy notes and then chords, the onset of the song is just piano and vocals. As much as I love Brian May ‘s guitar playing, he is not missed on this track. Everything that needs to be here is present musically. At three minutes and twenty nine seconds it is not a long song, Freddie says what he needs to and then the band plays to the fade out. I wish that Queen would have recorded more tracks akin to this one.

When the band re-recorded the track for the BBC  Brian May added some very tasty and understated guitar lines that do enhance the slightly faster and louder feel of the new version. Also on this version is a brilliant moment from Freddie. Towards the end of the song instead of finishing the last lyric something apparently made him laugh. That laugh, for me, is one of Freddie’s best moments to be captured on tape. It’s  a spontaneous and magical moment. One might even say that it is a kind of magic.

Troy T.

11 thoughts on “Song Spotlight: My Melancholy Blues By Queen

  1. Sorry I’m 4 years late in finding this post, but I do love listening to this song because Freddie’s piano skills really shine. His voice is stellar. It’s unfortunate that Freddie thought he wasn’t a good piano player and gave up playing later on in Queen’s career. This song is just so dreamy. BTW, I’m 68 yrs young and have been a Queen fan since 1974. IMO, there is no rock group that can compare to their genius. Each album gives us a brilliant ride of multiple genres that never disappoint.

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    1. Better late than never! I to love Freddie’s piano playing, he was fantastic. He had a unique touch and feel on the instrument and he really made it come to life. I am 51 and was a late comer to Queen. Growing up I was a casual fan of their radio and music video hits. It was not until 1990, when Hollywood Records began re-issuing their catalog that I took a deep dive and truly fell in love with the band. I love every album and I agree, they were brilliant and unique in so many ways. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.


  2. I love this song and remember listening to it often. As a teen, I saw Queen in concert for the tour of this album, and wish I could remember whether Freddie sang this or not. I do remember he performed in a black and white Harlequin bodystocking.

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    1. You were very fortunate to have seen Queen with Freddie. I did not become a serious fan until 1990 and they had stopped touring by than. I was able to catch them live with Paul Rodgers. Not the same as Freddie, but they were incredible.

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    2. Yes they performed it on that tour . I caught them at Stafford bingley hall in May ’78. Freddie introduced it thus: ‘This is a song I wrote for Ella Fitzgerald when she popped ’round for tea the other day’.
      Always remember his introduction, can’t explain why, it just stuck with me.

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