John Wetton, My Humble Tribute


As a fan of progressive rock I am well aware of the importance of John Wetton.  However, outside of his work with Steve Hackett I do not own any of his music.  Of course I have heard some of his work with King Crimson and  U.K. in the 1970’s and Asia in the 1980’s.


It’s his work with Steve Hackett, when Wetton  toured as part of his band in the late 1990’s, that I am most familiar with.  The set list was mostly Steve Hackett and Genesis songs.  But also included were songs from Wetton’s past, including The Court Of The Crimson King, Battle Lines and Heat Of The Moment.  One of the things that impressed me about Wetton was how dignified he looked on stage singing and playing the bass.  He also brought a different feel to some of the classic Genesis songs that was rather refreshing.  In 2012 Wetton lent his vocals to Steve Hackett’s reworking of the Genesis classic Afterglow.  This live rendition seems like an appropriate song to end this tribute.

Troy T.


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