Xiphea: A New Voice For Symphonic Metal

Xiphea are a Symphonic Metal band out of Germany. Formed in 2011, the band has released three CDs so far: Masquerade (2013), From The Uncharted Island (2014) and Once Upon A Time (2016).


They play a melodic, yet heavy, style of Symphonic Metal with hints of Power Metal. The band refers to their brand of metal as Fairytale Metal. This is their main point of difference. Xiphea’s lyrics focus on tales of romance, fantasy, dwarfs, witches, princesses and retellings of known fairy tales.


The band’s second point of difference are the delightful  vocals of Sabine Meusel. She possesses a strong, but delicate voice that would be a perfect fit for pop music. Yet that same voice works so well in the context of Xiphea’s Symphonic Metal music. Sabine has a voice that sounds like a mix of Liv Kristine, ex Leaves Eyes, and pop singer Ellie Goulding. Her voice is contrasted nicely by guitarist Neil Meusel’s excellent guttural vocals. His extreme vocal stylings are used tastefully, never overbearing and never overused.


Musically Xiphea  combines the sounds of bands like Epica, Nightwish and Xandria to create their own unique brand of Symphonic Metal. The music contains a nice balanced mix of heavy guitars, keyboards and orchestrations. Xiphea are first and foremost a metal band, but melody is key. The band plays for the sake of the song. Guitar riffs abound, but not at the expense of the music.


As a fan of Symphonic Metal I am always on the hunt for new bands. I came across one of Xiphea’s music videos online last year. Before I even heard a note I was intrigued by the band’s description as Fairytale Metal. I am so glad that I took the time to watch that video. I have been a fan of Xiphea ever since. I really enjoy this band and I am greatly looking forward to hearing more great metal music from them in the future.

Troy T.

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