Mike And The Mechanics, Don’t Know What Came Over Me

It is always a good time when one of your favorite bands is about to release a new album. I count Mike And The Mechanics as one of my favorites. Being a huge Genesis fan it was an easy transition becoming a Mechanics fan back in 1985.

Their latest album, Let Me Fly, has a release date of April 07, 2017. This is the follow up to The Road (2011), which was the first Mechanics album to feature the new post Paul Carrack lineup. The Road is a very solid album. It may not be the band’s best work, but it is a worthwhile addition to their discography. The two new singers, Andrew Roachford and Tim Howar, did a fantastic job on vocals. The songs were really good. Overall some of the music was a bit too low key at times, but The Road is an enjoyable album.

The newest Mechanics song, Don’t Know What Came Over Me, has just been released.  After the first listen I was hooked, I love it!  It is a catchy pop rock song with a hint of R&B. I am quite excited to hear the rest of the album. I do hold out a slim hope that The Mechanics will tour in America. I have never seen the band live. Based on viewings of online videos it looks like a fun show.


I applaud Mike Rutherford for keeping the Mechanics alive.  The band’s popularity really fizzled in America after their highly successful second album  The Living Years (1988).  Mechanics fans know what happened in the ensuing years.  Paul Young passed away far too soon.  Eventually Paul Carrack moved on to focus more time on his own music. It would have been very easy for Mike to pack up his guitar and bass and retire quite comfortably.  I am thankful that he opted to recruit new singers and revive The Mechanics.  Mike really appears to be enjoying himself on stage with The Mechanics.  The fact that he still wants to create new music is a bonus.

Troy T.

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