A Few Thoughts On The Justice League Trailer

The trailer for the Justice League movie has arrived.  I have to say that I am slightly underwhelmed.  Overall it is a decent trailer, however it was far from spectacular.

That said I will be seeing this movie.  I am a big fan of a few DC movies that have had less than stellar responses from the fans.  I loved Green Lantern, Superman Returns and Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice.  I am uncertain if Justice League will be a successful  movie, but nothing will keep me from seeing it.  Upon it’s release in November I will be there whether the movie is good, bad or indifferent. Here are just some thoughts after viewing the trailer a few times.

  • I was not quite as excited to see Ben Affleck as I once was.  The rumblings that he wants out of playing Batman really lessened my enthusiasm. I do not want to get attached if he plans on leaving soon after the upcoming Batman movie.  That’s a shame because, so far, he has been excellent as Batman/Bruce Wayne.  For my money he performance was the most complete of any actor to play the role.  I say that because he was equally excellent as Bruce Wayne as he was as Batman.
  • Superman’s absence leaves a huge hole in the team.  I am sure that they want to keep his resurrection as a surprise.  As a fan I greatly appreciate that.  I am uncertain of his role in the film, but a Justice League without Superman is a greatly diminished team.
  • I can not praise Gal Gadot enough, she is phenomenal as Wonder Woman.  Her casting in this role goes down as one of the best casting decisions in superhero cinema.  It is right up there with Christopher Reeve, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and Patrick Stewart. I am greatly looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie in June.
  • It was great to see Commissioner Gordon.  I am looking forward  to seeing J.K. Simmons in this role.  He was perfectly cast as J. Jonah Jameson in the original Spider-Man movie series.  I am curious to see his take on another iconic comic book supporting character.
  • Jason Momoa looks incredibly cool as Aquaman.
  • I love Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash on The CW’s incredible television show The Flash.  It is going to take me a little time to adjust to another Barry Allen.
  • Cyborg is an interesting choice because in my mind he is a member of The Teen Titans.  Nothing against the character, but I would rather see Green Lantern on the team instead.  Visually I am not crazy about the overall look of Cyborg.  However, I am prepared to be won over when I see more of the character in action.

Despite some of my criticisms I am really looking forward to seeing Justice League. I do not want to judge the movie too harshly based solely on one trailer. I will keep my expectations in check.  I am quite sure that it will be a good film.  But the reality is, for the sake of the future of DC films it needs to be an epic  movie.  I really am rooting for this film to be successful and expand the cinematic DC universe beyond Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  That is long overdue.

Troy T.

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