The Afterglow Of Genesis


Here it is Spring of 2017 and the afterglow of the great band Genesis remains. The band recorded their last album in 1997 and they completed their last tour in 2007. Over the last several years, apart from public appearances for awards ceremonies or the filming of a documentary, the members of Genesis have been separate. Musically the band has remained dormant, but the spirit of the band and their music is alive and well.

Steve Hackett is in the midst of a highly successful tour that has three objectives. First to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the classic Genesis album Wind and Wuthering. Second to promote his brand new album The Night Siren, a brilliant collection of songs showcasing an ever progressing artist.   Third to continue his extremely successful run of Genesis Revisited tours, playing Genesis classics like Dance On A Volcano and Firth Of Fifth.

Mike Rutherford is also currently on tour, with Mike And The Mechanics. Their latest album, Let Me Fly, is less than a week away from being released. This will be the second album with the retooled Mechanics.  As part of their live set the band includes two Genesis hits: I Can’t Dance and Land Of Confusion.

Phil Collins is several weeks away from starting his mini Not Dead Yet tour. Mike And The Mechanics are slated to open for him on a few dates. Perhaps Mike and Phil will treat the fans to some sort of on stage collaboration.

Ray Wilson is currently on his Genesis Classics tour with quite an interesting set list. He and his band are playing selections from the last Genesis album Calling All Stations. They are also playing popular Genesis  songs such as Mama, No Son Of Mine, Home By The Sea and Follow You, Follow Me. And just to shake things up they have included a few songs from Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike And The Mechanics.

Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel remain quiet, as of now. Perhaps we shall see some activity from them later in 2017, whether it be new music or remastered reissues.


The music of Genesis continues to influence and inspire countless bands and artists across the world. Bands such as IQ, Big Big Train, The Neal Morse Band, Cast, Red Sand and Knight Area, just to name a few, are producing quality progressive rock influenced by Genesis. The number of quality Genesis tribute bands keeping their music alive continues to grow. The Watch and The Musical Box are leading the way. But other bands such as The Genesis Show, Mama, G2, Genetics, Abacab, Los Endos and Rael, among others, are out there playing the great music of Genesis.

So with faint whispers and rumors of a possible reunion in the far future the afterglow remains. There are quite a few torch bearers carrying the legacy of the one of a kind music of Genesis. If the members of Genesis decide to never play another note of music together that’s okay. Because here in 2017 the afterglow of Genesis burns brightly.


Troy T.


2 thoughts on “The Afterglow Of Genesis

  1. Nice to see Los Endos Ultimate Genesis get a mention! We’re touring with our celebration of Seconds Out this year – the whole set faithfully follows the album, with a few surprises thrown in 🙂
    Here’s how we play:

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