An Overlooked Gem By Queen

The Queen song Let Me In Your Heart Again arrived with much fanfare and seemed to fade away far to quickly. I believe that this overlooked gem deserves much more attention.

Released in late 2014 on the Queen compilation album Queen Forever. The double album is a mix of Queen hits as well as deep cuts like Drowse, Long Away, Jealousy, Bijou and Nevermore. As compilation albums go it is a great one since it goes beyond just including the hits.


Prior to the release of Queen Forever there was some speculation that the album would contain several new Queen songs. This proved to be partially true. Queen Forever does contain three “new” songs, Let Me In Your Heart Again, Love Kills – The Ballad and There Must Be More To Life Than This, featuring Michael Jackson.


The latter two songs are known to diehard fans as Freddie Mercury solo tracks. On Queen Forever the songs get the Queen treatment. Love Kills, originally a dance track, gets a ballad makeover here and it works quite well. However, I must say that There Must Be More To Life Than This is a bit underwhelming. Michael Jackson does not appear long enough and his vocal is a bit tentative. Freddie Mercury’s version on his solo album Mr. Bad Guy is far superior.

Let Me In Your Heart Again is truly the only new song offered. This great song was created in the similar manner as the songs on the Made In Heaven album. Queen originally worked on the song while recording The Works album in 1983. They were unable to complete the song and it was abandoned and apparently forgotten until a few years ago. By combining various studio takes from 1983 Brian May and Roger Taylor were able to complete the song in 2014.


I know that when the album was released there was some disappointment that there was not more new music. I certainly felt that way at the time. But that should not take away from the quality of this gem. It is a classic Queen track that combines the best qualities of the albums The Game and The Works. It is a mid tempo song in a similar vein to Queen songs like Play The Game and Spread Your Wings. Written by Brian May, it really is a beautiful song lyrically, musically and vocally. One of the highlights of the song are Freddie’s wonderfully passionate vocals. Brian May’s guitar work is a close second. There are some wonderfully lush guitar orchestrations throughout the song. As a guitarist Brian May has the uncanny ability to always play what is right for the song.

The Works is an extremely  solid Queen album. It contains great songs and pristine production. However, it does contain my least favorite Queen song, Man On The Prowl. For years I skipped over this less than stellar track.  It is not a bad song, but it really is  just a rehash of Crazy Little Thing Called Love. It’s too bad that they were unable to complete Let Me In Your Heart Again in 1983. It’s inclusion on the album, instead of Man On The Prowl, would have really elevated an already great album.

As wonderful as Let Me In Your Heart Again is, it inhabits a strange place in the Queen catalog. Upon it’s release it received minimum airplay. And it’s a song that will most likely never be played live by the band. It feels like the song is stuck in musical limbo. Despite all of that I feel this song should have much more recognition. So come on Queen fans,  let this wonderful song live in your hearts.


Troy T.


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