Song Spotlight: Alleluia By Michael Sweet

Here is a song tailor-made for Easter Sunday, Alleluia by Micheal Sweet. The song appears on his 2006 solo album entitled Him. The album consists of modern day rock and roll arrangements of classic church hymns. Michael Sweet has taken these traditional hymns and put his own guitar driven spin on them to great effect. There is no hard rock or heavy metal to be found on the album. But there is a great deal of guitar playing performed on this album. Michael Sweet brilliantly handles all of the acoustic and electric guitars. Some of the songs may be augmented by keyboards, piano and strings, but this is clearly a guitar driven rock album.


Lyrically Alleluia is a simple song, basically two short verses and a one word chorus. Sometimes the simple songs can be the most powerful. Alleluia triumphantly  praises the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Musically it is an upbeat rock track driven by acoustic guitars and lively drums. The song is accented nicely by some tastefully played lead guitar. Michael Sweet’s soaring vocals, especially during the choruses, truly elevate the triumphant nature of the song.

web michaelsweetphoto6_by_nigelskeet

Something really clicked for Michael Sweet with these songs. Him is one of the best albums that he has ever recorded.  He either rewrote or rearranged the music of the hymns that appear here.   The album is full of passionate vocals, layered musical tracks and the oh so powerful words of the old time hymms.  What a winning combination this turned out to be.  Alleluia is a great song to listen to any time of the year. But it is so appropriate for Easter Sunday. Alleluia and God bless!


Troy T.

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