New Music From Styx, Gone Gone Gone

A new Styx song! A brand new Styx album on the way!!! This is the biggest surprise of 2017, so far,  A new Styx album  is something that I hoped for and never thought that I would ever see. For a long time the band seemed stuck in the cycle of releasing live album after live album. The last album of new Styx music, Cyclorama (2003), contained a few good songs. More than anything it was a great showcase to hear Lawrence Gowan sing a few original Styx songs. Overall Cyclorama was a decent rock album, however it did not sound much like a Styx album.


After the band’s successful 2010 to 2011 The Grand Illusion/ Pieces Of Eight tour I was hopeful that they would immediately go into the studio and record a new album. I was hoping that inspiration from playing those classic albums would inspire new material. At the time nothing happened and I was a bit disappointed. It seemed like things went back to business as usual in the Styx world.

In hindsight my assessment appears to have been incorrect. The band just released a new song entitled Gone Gone Gone. The song will appear on the band’s brand new album The Mission.  The album is scheduled to be  releases on June 16. If that information is not exciting enough The Mission will be a concept album. Of interest is the fact that the concept was conceived by Tommy Shaw.

The new song, Gone Gone Gone, is short and sweet, just under two and a half minutes. After  listening to the song a few times here are a few quick thoughts.

  • Gone Gone Gone sounds like a Styx song.
  • Overall it is an upbeat and fairly basic guitar driven, power chord heavy song. The opening and ending guitar riffs provide the song with a bit of flash.
  • I am so glad that the song features Lawrence Gowan on lead vocals. He is an extremely talented man. It is great that he gets to sing some brand new Styx songs.
  • The song does feature some nice keyboard sounds from Gowan,  more keyboards would have been a plus.
  • Gowan is an energetic performer and this track features an extremely energetic vocal from him.
  • I LOVE the big vocals during the chorus, classic Styx inspired.
  • The guitar solo from JY is decent , but nothing special.
  • Todd Sucherman’s high energy drumming really stands out and elevates the song.

A new Styx album is long overdue. Based on this one song, I am quite excited about The Mission. In a recent interview Tommy Shaw spoke of staying true to the Styx sound on the new album. He also alluded to the sound of the Styx albums Equinox, The Grand Illusion and Pieces Of Eight. As a fan all of this sounds quite promising.

Troy T,

3 thoughts on “New Music From Styx, Gone Gone Gone

  1. Here’s the album opener. Very classic sounding. This is a Styx tribute band and they have been opening their shows with it. Not sure how they know it before it has been released. The keyboards and acoustic guitar make it sound like 70’s era Styx. Looking forward to this release!

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  2. Looking forward to this as well. Ordered the clear vinyl option on Styxworld. Also, this was recorded in analog which should sound pretty good on an LP record. I read an interview with Tommy that said the first version of this song had a hammond organ solo in the middle but they later replaced it with JY’s solo. Would love to hear what the organ solo would sound like. Elements of this song remind me of “Southern Woman” from the “Man Of Miracles” album. Only disappointment so far is that with 14 songs it clocks in at around 43 minutes. But they said they were going back to how they did it in the 70’s and most albums around that time were short so no big deal really.

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    1. The Mission sounds exciting. I am greatly looking forward to it, but I am managing my expectations. 43 minutes is a short album nowadays. But with 14 songs I guess the songs will be pretty short as well.


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