My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter A – Algebra

Algebra was an interesting, but obscure, Italian progressive rock band. They released two albums of which I own one. That album is entitled Storia Di Un Iceberg. The bulk of the album was recorded in 1994, with two tracks dating back to 1983.


On the album Algebra played a melodic style of prog mixing influences from bands such as Genesis, Camel and early Marillion. Overall the production style of the album is strongly rooted in the 70’s and early 80’s. Listening to the album it sure does not sound like it was recorded in the 1990’s. This is not a criticism, just an observation.

The band’s vocalist, Mario Giammetti possessed a pleasant singing voice. The album’s songs include lyrics sung in Italian and English. The music may not be overly complex, but it most definitely is prog. Overall the songs tend to be laid back, melodic keyboard driven prog. The band also added touches of guitars, piano, violin and saxophone to augment the music.  Mario Giammetti also played guitar, bass and some keyboards on the album.  The band also included Rino Pastore on keyboards and Salvatore Silvestri on drums.

Among the album’s songs is a nine minute Genesis medley. It consists of excerpts from the Genesis classics Afterglow, Firth Of Fifth and The Musical Box.  The centerpiece of the album is the nearly thirteen minute instrumental entitled Russian Suite.

Based on this one release Algebra was an extremely competent progressive rock band. Their melodic, song driven brand of prog is one that really does appeal to me. Perhaps their music will appeal to you as well.

Troy T.


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