My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter B – Believer

Believer began their career in 1986 as a heavy metal band. A few years later they transitioned into thrash metal. Throughout their history the band has experienced line up changes on every album. Despite these changes the band’s overall sound has remained constant. Kurt Bachman, (vocals, guitars), and Joey Daub (drums) have remained the constants in the band.


Over the course of their first three albums: Extraction From Mortality (1989), Sanity Obscure (1990) and Dimensions (1993), they pushed the boundaries of what thrash metal could be. One could describe their early sound as progressive thrash or technical thrash. Musically the band went beyond standard high velocity thrash metal. Believer’s early music was full of complex and at times extremely dissonant guitar riffs played at odd time signatures. Many of the songs were played at high speeds which added to the music’s complexity. It is quite apparent that progressive rock was a huge influence on the band. Lyrically the band was writing from a Christian worldview, something very uncommon in thrash metal. I do believe that it is fair to say that Believer was a band ahead of their time.


Believer opted to disband in 1994. When they reformed in 2005 it was apparent that they had retained their unique sound. However, the overtly Christian lyrics were no longer a part of the band’s music. The new music produced by the band was not as complex or as compelling as their older music. It would seem that Believer’s time off allowed other bands to catch up to their pioneering sounds.


Their two most recent albums, Gabriel (2009) and Transhuman (2011), are worth listening to. A lot of the thrash metal elements and the uniquely dissonant guitars riffs are diminished. But the music is still metal and quite progressive. According to the band’s website they are scheduled to release their latest album sometime this year. So it would seem that their story is far from over.

Troy T.

4 thoughts on “My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter B – Believer

  1. Not to sure about the lyrical approach of the band anymore, especially Bachman. I’ve seen several interviews with him with Daub not present. In one he’s reading letters from fans in which one asks about the faith based lyrics and Kurt laughs and says “that’s been done already” before tossing the letter aside. In another he’s being interviewed in a small home with about 3 other guys present including the interviewer where they’re all drinking beer and making the occasional crude and off color joke about male sexuality. A bit disconcerting IMO. 😕

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