My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter D – Deyss

Deyss was a talented melodic progressive rock band from Switzerland. Over the course of their career the band released three albums. The music of Deyss was heavily influenced by the solo work of Steve Hackett. The sound of the first Deyss album, At-King (1985), is very much akin to the music that Steve Hackett was producing between 1979 and 1982. Their second album, Visions In The Dark (1987), ups the ante. The Steve Hackett influence is lessened  by the addition of the influence of bands such as Genesis, early Marillion and Yes.


Deyss did suffer from some inconsistency in their career. The first two albums feature two very different vocalists. The third album is entirely instrumental. The band’s two vocalists, Patrick Fragnere on At-King, and Jester on Visions In The Dark, handled the vocals quite well. All three albums are solid progressive rock albums. The music is elaborate, but not overly complex,  There are plenty of instrumental passages featuring well executed guitar and keyboard solos. There is a definite 1980’s vibe on the first two albums. For me that is a good thing since a lot of fantastic music came out of the 1980’s.


Overall Deyss was a solid band that produced accessible progressive rock. They wrote good songs and played well together. Unfortunately things do not always work out well in the music world. That’s too bad, Deyss was a progressive rock  band with a promising future.

Troy T.

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