My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter F – FEM Prog Band


Wow! This band is incredible! This newcomer to the progressive rock scene has put out one gem of an album. This is some of the best progressive rock that I have heard in years. FEM Prog Band are an Italian band who formed in 2007. Sulla Bolla Di Sapone (2014) is their second release, but it is their first full length album. The band’s debut EP, Epsilon, was released in 2012.


It is quite obvious that the band members are fans of 1970’s progressive rock. What is also immediately clear is how talented the band is as songwriters and musicians. Every aspect of this album is top notch. As a fan it is such a pleasure to listen to musicianship of this caliber. The current progressive rock scene is alive and well. But there are few band’s that are putting out music of this quality. The music of FEM Prog Band has such a heavy 1970’s vibe, yet it sounds so fresh and new.

The songs are full of lush keyboards, wonderful pianos, fantastic guitars, solid bass playing and dynamic drumming. There are plenty of instrumental sections for the band to showcase their exceptional skills. The band’s vocalist Massimo Sabbatini, singing in Italian, has a stellar voice. One of the knocks on progressive rock over the last several years has been the lack of quality vocalists. There are some out there, but far to many are just average singers. Massimo Sabbatini has a wonderful voice and a passionate delivery.


The band’s high energy music is dense and complex. The abundant instrumental passages are well played and arranged. All of the songs contain a great deal of vital instrumentation. All of the instruments play off of and compliment each other. This band is not about selfish noodling. All of the music and solos work for the betterment of the songs. There are not any passages in place for the sake of merely showcasing any one individual. The richness of the arrangements allows for each member’s abilities to shine, in the context of the band’s music.

The current progressive rock scene is quite healthy. There are bands all over the world contributing and keeping this great music alive. But, there are few progressive rock bands putting out music of this caliber. The overall talent displayed by this band is stunning.

This wonderful band consists of:

Massimo Sabbatini – vocals

Alberto Citterio – keyboards and piano

Paolo Colombo – guitars

Marco Buzzi – bass

Emanuele Borsati – drums

Troy T.


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