My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter G – Gojira


Gojira is such a unique metal band, mixing elements of thrash metal, technical metal, death metal and progressive rock. Lyrically they steer so far clear of clichéd heavy metal lyrics. Their approach to metal is so refreshing. Even their album covers avoid the morbid and macabre album cover art far to prevalent in heavy metal.


The music of Gojira sounds like a mashup of early Sepultura, Cynic, Metallica and Prong. I do feel that describing Gojira as a progressive metal band is an apt description. They are not progressive metal in the Dream Theater sense. Gojira is a four piece with no keyboards. Their double guitar attack is full of original guitar riffs, and complex song structures. Gojira is one of those bands that consistently amaze you with their creativity. The inventiveness of the guitar riffs is astonishing. Just when you thought all of the cool riffs were gone a new Gojira album is released and they prove you wrong. Great guitar riffs alone do not guarantee good songs. Gojira are a metal band that knows how to write exceptionally challenging songs. Not only are the riffs compelling, but their songs are quite atmospheric as well.

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The band is led by Joe Duplantier on vocals and rhythm guitars. He has proven himself to be an amazingly diverse metal vocalist. His brother Mario Duplantier handles the complex drumming. Christian Andreu is the second guitarist. Jean-Michel Labadie is the band’s bassist. Together they are an incredibly tight band. The music that they create is heavy and complex, yet melodic.


Gojira are an extremely rare band. They have established a sound that is uniquely their own. That sound continues to evolve from album to album. They are far from being the first band to mix metal and progressive rock. What they have done is put it together in a new and different way.  The music is complex, but there is no over the top playing on display.  Gojira are an incredibly cohesive unit playing as one to create their phenomenal brand of metal.  The heavy metal genre could use a lot more bands like Gojira to help keep metal music evolving.



Troy T.

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