My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter I – I And Thou

I And Thou is a music project led by Jason Hart. To date this project has released one album entitled Speak (2012). Jason Hart wrote, produced, sang and played several instruments on the album. Hart is ably assisted by several other mega talented musicians and singers, including Marillion’s Steve Hogarth. Hogarth takes lead vocals on the album closer, Go And Go Ahead.


The music of I And Thou is exceptionally well written. The album Speak is full of stunningly beautiful symphonic progressive rock. The musicianship is absolutely top notch. Overall the music is driven by classically inspired piano and lush keyboards. The vibe of the album harkens back to 1970’s progressive rock, but the execution is throughly modern. The five songs display a definite 1970’s Genesis and early solo Tony Banks influence. The mood of the album is quite relaxed. Each song unfolds at a deliberate pace. This music is far too exquisite to rush, every note and chord unfolds when it needs to. Jason Hart possesses  an extremely pleasing singing voice. His laid-back vocals go hand in hand with the music.

For those who feel that modern progressive rock is not worth exploring, perhaps I And Thou will change your mind. Speak is an incredibly efficient album. Everything that is included in the music is necessary. There are no wasted notes or filler to be found. Jason Hart knew exactly what was needed to make these songs perfect. Speak really is that good, a 10 out of 10.

Troy T

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