My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter J – Join The Dead

Join The Dead is an excellent thrash metal band with one release to date. In 2012 the band released a self titled EP.  Overall they derive their sound from the late 1980’s, early 1990’s Bay Area thrash scene. The music of Join The Dead is akin to the sounds of bands like Testament, Metallica and Forbidden.


The EP contains four new songs, along with several demos and live tracks. Crunchy guitar riffs, high octane drumming and shred filled, well executed guitar solos abound. This is fast, aggressive metal, but the songs still maintain a sense of melody.  Every aspect of the music is top notch from the production to the songwriting to the performances.

I have been a thrash metal fan since 1987. The late 1980’s and early 1990’s were such a great time to be a thrash fan. Hearing thrash metal of this quality in the 21st century is such a treat.  The music of Join The Dead harkens back to that time, yet it feels modern as well. These four songs are so well executed that I am itching to hear more.  Join The Dead  is overdue for a follow-up.


Troy T.


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