My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter L – Martin Levac

Martin Levac is first and foremost a tremendous musician who is also an enormous fan of the music of Genesis and Phil Collins. Martin Levac has spent years studying their music.  It is only logical that he would want to pay tribute to this great music.

Throughout his career Martin Levac has been involved with several tributes acts playing the music of Genesis and Phil Collins. From 2002 to 2007 he was a part of the world renowned Genesis tribute band The Musical Box.  He played drums and sang background vocals. From 2009 to 2010 he performed  live with long time Genesis touring member Daryl Stuermer. Stuermer had put together a project called Genesis Rewired where Levac provided lead vocals. Levac currently leads the tribute acts Dance On A Volcano and Dance Into The Light.



Martin Levac has also released several albums. Some have been devoted to variations of the music of Genesis while others have contained original compositions.

In 2015 Levac did something a bit different. As a result he produced his best album. He released an album entitled 1985. His goal was to write brand new music in the vein of 1980’s Phil Collins. Overall he succeeded in this multifaceted endeavor. On the surface this may seem like an easy task. What makes Martin Levac so special is that not only can he sing like Phil Collins, but he has the ability to play drums like him as well.


I have been a great fan of Phil Collins and Genesis since 1981. Listening to the album 1985 it is clear that Martin Levac achieved a great feat. The majority of the album really sounds like Phil Collins. Levac scores a trifecta, he sings, plays drums and writes songs very much like Phil Collins. His achievement  goes beyond being a clone or a copycat. This is a pure tribute to the music of Phil Collins.  There are a lot of tribute acts out there, frankly many of them are just average. It’s one thing to be a great tribute act by successfully replicating the music of a famous artist. It is something all together different to write new music in the vein of that same artist. Overall Levac was successful in this endeavor, 1985 is a fun album to listen to. As an added bonus Levac was able to get Daryl Stuermer to play guitar on one song. I will say that the title track does not work.  It definitely has a 1980’s feel, but not in a good way.

I know that some fans will not receive what Levac is doing.  Tribute acts do walk a fine line between paying tribute and mimicry.  Overall Levac does a credible job as a tribute artist.  He is one of a growing number of tribute acts keeping the music of Genesis and Phil Collins alive.  Putting out an album like 1985 helps Levac standout from the crowd. I would love to hear a follow-up album called 1995 where Levac can write songs in the style of 1990’s Phil Collins.  In the mean time Levac continues to tell both sides of the story live with the music of Phil Collins and Genesis.



Troy T.



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