My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter M – Marc Martel


Marc Martel has had quite a music career so far. From 1999 to 2013 he led the Christian rock band Downhere. From 2012 to 2016 he toured with the official Queen tribute band The Queen Extravaganza. He is currently in the midst of another Queen related tour called The Ultimate Queen Celebration.


Marc Martel has been a busy man. Somehow in 2013 he found the time to record his debut solo EP entitled The Prelude. In 2014 he released the full length album entitled Impersonator. The album sees Martel successfully mixing various facets of pop and rock music. Martel put together this diverse collection of songs that showcase his songwriting abilities and his incredible voice. One thing that really comes through every song is Martel’s zeal for the music. Listening to these eleven songs it would seem that Martel had loads of fun recording the album.



Many have come to know Martel as the man who sounds like Freddie Mercury. That is one side of his musical journey. Martel is very much his own man vocally and musically. He has proven himself to be a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist. He is a veteran of the music scene who is now getting a chance to break out as a solo artist. Marc Martel is an extremely talented artist who deserved to be heard.


Troy T.


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