My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter O – Out Of The Grey


Christine and Scott Dente are the husband and wife team behind the band Out Of The Grey. Over the course of twenty seven years they have produced seven albums of intelligent pop music. What comes through so strongly in the music is their love for God and a great love for one another.

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The music of Out Of The Grey mixes influences from pop, rock, jazz and folk. Christine Dente’s stunningly beautiful vocals really are the focal point of the band. That is not to say that she does all of the heavy lifting. Scott Dente handles guitars, background vocals, and on occasion provides lead vocals. Together they write the songs. Over the years the band has been assisted by many exceptional studio musicians.



Out Of The Grey are an unapologetically Christian band. But for me, they stand apart from so many others in the Contemporary Christian Music field. They compose brilliant music with a different lyrical approach. The Dente’s have written songs about life from their own perspective. They truly have a poetic way with words. Their songs bring glory and honor to God. But in no way do they feel preachy or overbearing. Like all of us they are trying to figure out living this life to the fullest. Unlike most of us they have penned songs chronicling their own life journey. Christine Dente beautifully delivers these songs of faith with a delicate yet powerful voice.


Out Of The Grey were most productive between the early 1990’s to the early 2000’s.  In that span they released six studio albums.  The best of those albums is Gravity, released in 1995.  The songwriting is brilliant from start to finish.   The lyrics are inspiring and thought provoking. Of all of their albums Gravity is the best showcase for the incredibly special vocals of Christine Dente’s.


After their sixth album, 6,1 (2001), Out Of The Grey went on an extended hiatus.   The band’s most recent album, A Little Light Left, was released independently in 2015.  After a long hiatus the band sounds recharged.  They still remain strong songwriters and Christine Dente’s voice is as lovely as ever.  Out Of The Grey appear to be ready for the next step in their musical journey.


Troy T.

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