My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter T – Michelle Tumes

Michelle Tumes is an immensely talented singer, songwriter and pianist. This lovely artist from Australia was active in the Contemporary Christian Music scene in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. To date she has released four fantastic albums. Her music mixes influences from pop, rock, new age, classical and dance music.


Her first album, Listen (1998), laid out the template that she would follow on subsequent releases. The album featured finely crafted pop songs led by Tumes’ angelic vocals. Piano, orchestration and lush vocals feature prominently throughout the album’s songs.


Each of her albums has featured her unique sound. Each one has had a slightly different slant. The first album had a bit of a rock edge. Her second album, Center Of My Universe (2000), leaned a bit more to the pop side. Dreams (2001) had a distinct dance edge to it. Her most recent album, Michelle Tumes (2006), combined aspects of the prior three.


As a recording artist Michelle Tumes has been silent for the last several years. Recently a few videos turned up online of her performing at a local church.   There seem to be some quiet rumblings of possible future musical activity. A new album would be an extremely pleasant surprise. This woman has so much God-given talent, it would be a shame not to hear more exceptional music from her.






Troy T.


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