My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter U – The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is a band that has been highly influenced by the music of 1970’s progressive rock. Accessible vocal passages are mixed with long instrumental sections to make up the band’s music. To date this American progressive rock band has released two albums, Through And Through (2000) and The Origin Of Consciousness (2005). Both albums are well worth seeking out.



The Underground Railroad has written some highly complex progressive rock  songs. The band has shown that they have the musical proficiency to pull it off with relative ease. Listening to the music one can hear the influences of Genesis, Yes ELP and King Crimson interwoven into their songs. The songs themselves are spectacular. The instrumental sections are quite challenging musically. This band keeps the listener guessing. The music is filled with some serious 1970’s  progressive rock with an undercurrent of jazz. This is a band that loves to jam. They have the musical chops as well as the imagination to keep the long instrumental passages interesting.


The current status of the band is unclear.  It has been over ten years since the release of their last album. Their Facebook page has some minor activity, but no clear mention of the band’s status. Their website is unavailable.  One can only assume that The Underground Railroad has not officially broken up.

Troy T.


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