My A To Z Music Challenge: Letter V – Steve Vai

Steve Vai is widely known for his out of this world talent on the guitar. Unlike so many other so called guitar heroes Steve Vai is far from one dimensional.   Over the years he has proven his  mastery of the guitar. He possesses countless licks and tricks up his musical sleeve. Steve Vai is also an exceptional songwriter.  What good is talent if you can not create a proper vehicle to display it. Throughout his career he has crafted many groundbreaking guitar instrumentals.

One aspect of Steve Vai’s talent that gets greatly  overshadowed is his singing. Vai will forever be known as a guitar virtuoso. But he is also a very talented singer. Sometimes the best vocalist for a song is the songwriter. Even when a more talented singer is available often times the songwriter is better suited to translate a song.


The bulk of Steve  Vai’s catalog is instrumental music, but on occasion he has chosen to sing. As a fan I am glad that he has opted to go down this path. Vai has a voice that works well with his music. As a vocalist he has a very passionate delivery. Thankfully his choice to sing has not taken away from his guitar playing. He still finds plenty of room in between the vocals to get his guitar groove on.

Troy T.


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