Song Spotlight: Dream Of Thee By Brian May

Dream Of Thee may well be Brian May’s most obscure song. It is certainly one of his most hauntingly beautiful compositions. The song, part of a soundtrack album to a French film entitled Furia, was written and recorded by May in 1999. The album was released the following year. The majority of the album is made up of instrumental tracks. Dream Of Thee is the lone vocal track on the soundtrack.


Dream of Thee features Brian May singing over an acoustic guitar accompanied by subtle orchestration. This delicate song is far from the rock and roll bombast that many associate with Queen. Absent from the song is the presence of electric guitars, stacked vocals and drums. This is just Brian May’s voice with sparse instrumentation.


Diehard Queen fans are no strangers to Brian May’s abilities as a lead vocalist. Throughout the 1970’s songs that featured his vocals were staples of Queen’s classic albums. Some of those songs included Leaving Home Ain’t Easy, Good Company, Long Away and All Dead, All Dead. One of his greatest attributes as a vocalist has been deep passion and conviction in his delivery. Dream Of Thee is no exception. The song features Brian May’s most poetic lyrics. Vocally it is one of his most beautiful songs. May’s vocal is filled with heart wrenching melodrama. The song is simultaneously sad and beautiful.


I applaud Brian May’s enormous efforts over the last twenty five plus years to keep Queen alive. As a Queen fan I am thankful for this. However, songs like Dream Of Thee demonstrate how exceptional his solo material has been. As a fan of May’s solo albums I do wish that he had devoted more time to his solo career. His last solo album, Another World, was released nearly twenty years ago. That is far too long a time without another album. Of late he has been working with the exceptional vocalist Kerry Ellis. They have proven to be a great duo, live and in the studio. I do like the music that they have created together. But I long for another solo album from Brian May.  Perhaps some day, one day.



Troy T.


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