The True Embrace

Sometimes in life you find yourself going through the motions. You go to work, pay the bills, eat, sleep and then hit repeat. At times you can get so caught up in this cycle and you do not even realize it.


One day you wake up from the stupor and look around, clear-eyed, for the first time in a while. It is then that you ask the question, “What happened to my life?” You realize that you have  forgotten who you are. Somehow you became a rat on a wheel, endlessly running and going nowhere. It is only when your vision is clear that you can remember who you really are. It is in that moment that you can begin to embrace the things that really get your blood pumping. Those hobbies, goals and dreams that when pursued really define who you are. Or at least who you want to be.


It is time to leave the rat race mentality and embrace the true you. It is time to do the things that bring true and lasting fulfillment. Whether you are an artist, musician, writer, teacher, mentor, etc. It is time to embrace the true you, not the shadow of you reflected in a passionless paycheck.  But the real, true you doing the things that you were born to do.  It is time to dive in and embrace true meaning.

Troy T.


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