My Fantasy Steve Hackett Setlist

As a long time fan of Steve Hackett I am quite happy for his current success. His recent Genesis Revisited tours have proven to be quite popular. He recently announced another Genesis Revisited tour for 2018. It would seem that he is pleased to be playing in front of larger audiences. Hearing his brilliant touring band play some of the classic 1970’s Genesis songs was a surreal experience for me. The same adventurous and progressive mindset that helped to create that great music is still alive in Steve Hackett.  His departure from Genesis in 1977 ignited a long and challenging musical journey. As an artist he has continued to push his craft to new levels.  As a fan I have happily been along on the journey for over thirty years.


The one real problem with the Genesis Revisited concept is the set list. Steve Hackett’s long ranging solo career has gotten limited representation live. This is due to the focus on Genesis songs. Hackett possesses an extremely rich and deep back catalog of music. To complicate matters, in a good way, Hackett has been an extremely prolific songwriter of late. Over the last ten years he has released an album of original music every two or so years. In a Genesis Revisited setting his set list is split three ways: promoting his newest album, playing a few Hackett solo songs and flawlessly recreating classic Genesis songs.


The thought of one day seeing an all Steve Hackett solo set seems like a fantasy. I would love for Steve Hackett to do a tour celebrating his entire solo career. A show of this nature would make this fan overjoyed. Hackett would not have to play a song from every single album. But a career spanning set list would be so incredible. After some careful thought I have put together a set list that I would be ecstatic to experience. Another option would be if he played in full my three favorite Hackett albums: Spectral Morning, Defector and Guitar Noir. Of course this is pure fantasy, but this Hackett fan can dream a bit.



Icarus Ascending
Hoping Love Will Last
Spectral Mornings
The Virgin And The Gypsy
The Steppes
Time To Get Out
Hammer In The Sand
Overnight Sleeper
Camino Royale
Taking The Easy Way Out
What’s My Name
Take These Pearls
Walking Away From Rainbows
There Are Many Sides To The Night

Little America
Valley Of The Kings
Brand New
Man With The Long Black Coat
The Fundamentals Of Brainwashing
Still Waters
Looking For Fantasy
Black Thunder
Martian Sea
Anything But Love
Other Side Of The Wall

Troy T.



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