Casablanca: A Selection Of Movie Posters

The main goal of a movie poster is to promote a movie.  To convince someone to want to watch the movie being depicted.  The poster is not necessarily called to retell the movie’s story.  The poster is created to intrigue us as viewers to want to go see the movie. The posters featured here are just a few that were created for the classic movie Casablanca.


This is a very nice image of the film’s main stars, Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. It does not tell you much about the film, but it is an effective image that draws in the viewer.


This one features a wonderful painting of the film’s two leads. The artist effectively captured the coolness of Bogart in this image. It is interesting that Ingrid Bergman, dressed in red, is the poster’s primary focus.


I love this image of Bogart in white. The artist perfectly captured Bogart’s iconic look in this poster.  The other figures, depicted in silhouette, add an air of mystery to the image.


The poster depicts a wonderful moment in the movie.  The Paris flashback is one of my favorite scenes from any of Bogart’s many films. The image of Bogart and Bergman is strong enough on its own. Adding the rain soaked note and an image from the famous airport scene are nice touches.  The additional images add a sense of intrigue to the poster.


A simple, yet effective poster.  It would be impossible to tell the movie’s storyline in one image.  This iconic photo of Bogart and Bergman makes for a striking poster.   One does get a hint of the movie’s drama from this image.


Apart from his name, Humphrey Bogart is nowhere to be seen in this poster.  It is apparent by the poster’s predominate image that the focus is on Ingrid Bergman.  However the image does not resemble her very much.


From a pure graphic design standpoint this is not a very successful poster. Most of the main players are here, except for Paul Henreid. Overall it is a bland poster.


A beautiful image that unfortunately has nothing to do with the movie. The woman depicted here does not resemble Ingrid Bergman. Bogart is once again absent.  This is a wonderfully made poster that seems to be for a different movie.


Overall this is not a great depiction of the film’s two stars. However, the artist captured the essence of Bogart and Bergman. Visually it is a very vibrant image.  It is fascinating that many of these posters opted to put more focus on Ingrid Bergman.

I am sure that a great deal of time, effort and creativity were involved in the production of these posters.  I am amazed at how strikingly different these images are. Each of the posters has such a different tone and feel to them. Each one could be for a totally different movie. That is one of the exceptional aspects of art.  Every person viewing the same movie will have a different take on it.

Troy T.


2 thoughts on “Casablanca: A Selection Of Movie Posters

  1. Some of these don’t really do it justice, but then again, it’s a hard thing to nail, considering you have to incorporate nearly everything about a film into a film poster.
    Nice work! Creative post.

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