Striking Sci-Fi Movie Artwork

The science fiction genre has produced many fantastic movies. I am sure that many will agree that The Empire Strikes Back and Blade Runner are among the best.  Even those who are not diehard sci-fi fans may well agree.  Along with these movies came a great deal of fantastic movie posters. Many of the movie posters were just as incredible as the films.

The long overdue sequel to Blade Runner was recently released. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the ninth big screen Star Wars movie, will be released very soon.  This seems like a good time revisit past glories.


In the twenty first century movie posters are no longer as important as they used to be.  The movie poster as a marketing tool is not as vital as it once was.  The glorious illustrations that once were so prevalent on movie posters has sadly become a lost art.  It would seem that more attention is given to the DVD and Blu-ray covers these days.


What a pleasant surprise when I came across the two posters featured above. These posters were not created as marketing tools, but for fans and collectors. I initially saw the Blade Runner poster on a social media site. After discovering the source I found an even more impressive poster for The Empire Strikes Back. I found both posters to be quite effective in portraying various key scenes from the films. I greatly applaud the artist’s creative approach to these posters. Seeing these images makes me yearn for the days when movie poster art was more relevent.  The artist responsible for these imaginative posters, as well as more artwork, can be found at

Troy T.


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