Marvel Studio’s Most Overdue Movie

A film starring the Black Widow is Marvel Studio’s most overdue movie.  I do not say this as a fan of Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the character.  I say this not because Marvel is long overdue to produce a movie with a female lead.  At this time Marvel Studios producing a Black Widow movie just makes sense.


Since Black Widow debuted in Iron Man 2 (2010) several other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superheros have debuted in their own films.  The list includes Ant-Man (2015), Doctor Strange (2016), Spider-Man (2017) and Black Panther (2018).  2019 will bring about the debut of Captain Marvel.  Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is a character that the general public has little to no knowledge of.  Yet her film will become the MCU’s first female lead superhero movie.  Failing to have Black Widow as Marvel’s first female lead superhero movie will be viewed as a missed opportunity by many


Black Widow has proven to be a popular character.    I must be honest, I initially was not thrilled with Johansson being cast in this role.  I really would have liked to have seen Cobie Smulders in this role.  She has been stellar in her role as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Maria Hill in four MCU movies, so far.  Over the course of five movies Scarlett Johansson has grown into the role of Black Widow.  She has won me over, despite coming across as slightly annoying at times.  She has proven herself adept as Black Widow, a superhero without superpowers. Her fight choreographers and stunt doubles have excelled at making her appear to be a force to be reckoned with.  This has been no small feat considering that she is surrounded by an extraordinarily gifted super powered team.


There really is no logical reason as to why there has not been a Black Widow movie.  I do not believe that those at Marvel Studios lack confidence in a female lead superhero movie. If this is the case a solution is simple.  The movie could feature Black Widow as the lead and also include other MCU characters. The most logical choice would be Hawkeye and perhaps Falcon.  I am sure that cameos by Iron Man and Captain America would not hurt. However, I do not believe that going in that direction would be necessary. With the proper story Black Widow could carry the movie on her own.


There may well be other reasons as to why this film has yet to come to fruition. Is it possible that  behind the scenes Johansson may be reluctant to star in a Black Widow movie?  Based on Johansson’s recent films this does not seem to be an issue. Any concerns about the movie’s budget should not be a major issue.  From a budgetary standpoint a Black Widow film should not cost as much as other MCU movies.  The simple reason is that Black Widow is not a character that is reliant upon CGI.  A lower budget mixed with a popular character sounds like a formula for success. As of now the only MCU movie that failed to become a box office success was The Incredible Hulk (2008) starring Edward Norton.  To date seventeen out of eighteen MCU movies have been box office success stories.  Although it is not guaranteed, one could be fairly confident that a Black Widow movie would be a financial success.


Over the last decade those responsible for the MCU films have proven to possess the Midas touch.  Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have made a great deal of money.  The recently released box office blockbuster Black Panther is proving that the MCU has not lost its golden touch. The time is more than right for Scarlett Johansson front and center in a Black Widow movie.

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Troy T.


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