Goodbye Captain America?

Chris Evans, please say it isn’t so!  Allegedly Evans will be retiring his shield after Avengers: Infinity War Par Two (2019).  I know not to expect these actors to want to portray superheroes forever. As fans, especially Marvel Cinematic Universe fans, we are delighting in the bevy of quality superhero movies. An actor, on the other hand, must take what comes with these roles. The perks include a nice paycheck and a higher profile in Hollywood. The negatives are  fears of typecasting and forever being identified with one character. The role of Superman/Clark Kent brought Christopher Reeve fame and fortune. On the other hand he was never able to escape the long shadow cast by the part. Reeve appeared in nearly three dozen movies, television and theatrical, but he will forever be remembered for his iconic performance as Superman.

Chris Evans is an actor that I would not have thought to cast as Captain America. He was perfect as the hot headed and arrogant Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies (2005 and 2007). Whoever had the foresight to cast him in the role of Captain America deserves a great deal of credit.  Evans quickly won me over with his performance in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).  Overall it was a decent movie that was elevated by Evans exceptional performance.  The sequel, Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), is a different story altogether. To date I feel that it is the best MCU movie.  Chris Evans’ performance is a huge reason why.  Of all the actors to portray a superhero on the big screen Evans’ portrayal of Captain America is among my favorites.

To date he has portrayed Captain America five times. After the Infinity Wars movies that total will go up to seven.  All things considered what more could a fan ask of an actor.  Michael Keaton played Batman twice, Christopher Reeve portrayed Superman four times, Tobey McGuire played Spider Man three times. Hugh Jackman would seem to be the exception as he has played Wolverine nine times.   If Evans does in fact end his run after seven movies that is more than we can ask of him.   All good things must come to an end. As it stands now Evans run as Captain America is one of the best in the genre.  If Chris Evans is truly retiring as Captain American then we should all salute The Captain for a job well done.

Troy T.


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