Steve Hackett And The Future Of Genesis Revisited


Recently I was driving and my iPod was on shuffle.  As one song ended I found myself skipping the next few songs.  Several good songs played briefly, but I kept skipping.  I did not know what song it was that I was looking for. Then The Colony Of Slippermen by Genesis came on and I found the song that I was unconsciously seeking.  While listening to this amazing song an idea struck me.  Steve Hackett has spent the last several years promoting Genesis Revisited.  As a fan of the music of Genesis and Steve Hackett the solo artist Genesis Revisited was initially a fantastic idea.  To hear Steve Hackett and his highly talented band play classic 1970’s Genesis songs live was quite an experience.  Several years have now gone by, Steve Hackett has released two solo albums  and Genesis Revisited has remained.

Last year I wrote a blog post expressing my feelings in regards to Genesis Revisited taking up too much space in Hackett’s set list,  I received a great deal of feedback to that post. Unfortunately a good portion of that feedback was negative. Some of the responses to that post would definitely be considered the 21st century equivalent to hate mail.  Some of the harsh responses took me by surprise since I was just stating my opinions. I am fully aware that my opinion is shared by a small minority.

Many of the fans have spoken and they want Genesis Revisited to remain.  So it would seem that,  for now,  the Genesis set is here to stay.  If this is the case I have an idea. I would like to see  Hackett  drop the tried and true songs, i.e. Supper’s Ready, The Musical Box, Horizons, Fifth Of Fifth. Instead how about an obscure or deep cuts set list.  A set list consisting of songs such as Can-Utility And The Coastliners, Seven Stones, Time Table, Mad Man Moon, All In A Mouse’s Night, Back In N.Y.C., Harlequin, Harold The Barrel, The Grand Parade Of Lifeless Packaging. So far Hackett has performed a full Genesis set list and a 40th anniversary Wind & Wuthering set list, so why not a Genesis Revisited: Deep Cuts Tour?


I know that some Genesis fans will disagree with my opinion.  As a Steve Hackett fan I want more of his solo material in his live set.  Genesis Revisited has proven to be a financial success for Steve Hackett.  I would not want to take money out of the man’s pocket.  At the same time I am a fan that has supported his solo career for over three decades.  In an ideal world I would love to see a set that was 100% Steve Hackett solo material.  That is not realistic at this time, but I would be happy with a 60/40 split. 60% of his set list devoted to his solo career would give a far better balance.  I am not anti-Genesis, I am just a huge Steve Hackett fan.  The man continues to produce new and profound music. He continues to push himself as a songwriter, singer and guitarist.  As a fan I applaud and embrace his progressive spirit.  I am not sure why some fans want to relegate this musical genius to basically existing as an oldies act.  I know these statements are going to upset some fans.  It does not seem fair to ignore so much of the brilliant music that this man has worked so hard to create over the last four decades.  In a perfect world a Steve Hackett solo tour would sell as many tickets as a Genesis Revisited tour.  Unfortunately we live in a less than ideal world.  Thank God for musicians like Steve Hackett. May he continue to produce new and exciting music for years to come.





Troy T.


24 thoughts on “Steve Hackett And The Future Of Genesis Revisited

  1. I always wondered what ATTWT, DUKE AND ABACAB would have sounded like if Steve hackett had played on them – I’d love to hear his reinterpretation of those songs but I doubt I ever will…..

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    1. Had he stayed with Genesis those records would have sounded different, especially Abacab and Duke, mostly due to the new way the remaining three went about writing songs.


  2. I understand why he has the Genesis set and he clearly enjoys playing it, but he is selling himself short. His own music is tremendous and he should give it enough room. I am quite happy to have a few Genesis songs to reach a crescendo / encore such as Chamber of 32 Doors, Can-utility & the Coastliners, Firth of Fifth, Musical Box, Los Endos but I want to hear Serpentine Song (great rendition in 2017), Fifty Miles from the North Pole, Behind the Smoke, Wolflight, Corycian Sea, Earthshine, Catwalk, Sleepers, Down Street, Transylvanian Express, Mechanical Bride, Twice Around the Sun, Darktown, Sierra Quemada, Camino Royale, The Steppes, Every Day, Spectral Mornings, Ace of Wands and of course Shadow of the Hierophant, which has been given a new lease of life with Genesis Revisited. What a play list that would be.

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    1. I agree with you, but it would seem that fans of Hackett’s solo career are outnumbered by fans who just want to hear Genesis music. I would love to hear a set where he could promote his newest album and explore his vast back catalog. If he were to do so in the future it would be in smaller venues and I am fine with that. The best Hackett shows that I have experienced were in smaller venues. However, money is king at this point. This is not a bad thing, it is just reality.


  3. I love the Genesis music. Mr. Hackett’s solo music is also very good, but I would be deeply disappointed if he dropped the Genesis tunes. Steve DOES vary the Genesis setlist from tour to tour, just not completely. I will never get tired of the Musical Box and Dancing with the Moonlit Knight. In my opinion, some of his later solo work suffers due to his insistence on singing the lead vocals. Steve is a guitar God, but not a particularly great singer.

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    1. I am a big fan of Steve Hackett as a vocalist so I really enjoy his entire catalog. As a Genesis fan I know that I am in the vast minority, but I could do without The Musical Box in his live set. I would rather hear The Battle Of Epping Forest or The Fountain Of Salmacis.


  4. I like his solo stuff.. it’s very good. BUT, the music of Genesis has a timeless magic to it. In the not too distant future, the passage of time dictates that there will be no original member playing any Genesis stuff. Let’s enjoy fantastic renditions of Supper’s Ready, Musical Box, Firth Of Fifth etc while we still can. I do agree that adding a few of the lesser played tracks from the Genesis catalogue is a very good idea.

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    1. Finding a set list to please ever fan is impossible, but I give Hackett a great deal of credit for changing up the Genesis Revisit set list with each tour. The last time that I saw him I felt that he could have picked a few different songs, but it was still an enjoyable show.


  5. Definitively YES. As a supporter of Hackett’s solo career over decades I found there’s a fantastic repertoire of his music to show. Now, he maybe has the best band to accomplish that than ever. In relation to Genesis music there’s something to have in mind: logically he’s more in favor to play songs where he had a role in the composition. Fortunately there are plenty of them we would love to hear as Genesis Revisited. Your selection is for sure among them.

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    1. I know that not all of the songs that I suggested are Hackett’s songs, however it is a suggestion to shake up the set list a bit. I do believe that many Genesis fans would enjoy hearing those deep cuts.
      I find it curious that a lot of Genesis fans do not seem to care for Hackett’s solo material. It is a natural progression for me.


  6. A verynice article Troy. I love the Genesis music and I would love if they played the lesser known pieces too. I like his solos stuff, but I would not like it if he didn’t play the great ones as you mentioned. As long as the man keeps touring and playing half of the Genesis Musici would remain a happy fan. Did you attend the show at the Scottish Rite 2/17/18? it was a terrific show.

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  7. His solo stuff is often first point of call when I put the headphones on in the evening. Now, if I were to go to a SH concert and he had a mind to recall 1978, I would love to hear a SH Wind and Wuthering – i.e. without Your Own Special Way and Wot Gorilla?, but with Inside and Out and Please Don’t Touch as part of side 2. With regards to the less obvious Genesis tracks, I guess he would only want to play those he contributed most to.

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    1. We shall have to agree to disagree on the solo albums. But I am glad that we can agree on the Deep Cuts set list. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.


  8. I`ve watched performances of Genesis Revisited and while they`re great, I agree that SH should play more of his solo work. Frankly, good as those versions are, they, in my opinion, don`t match the originals. I also think the deep cuts idea is a good one.

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    1. Thank you Howard. Hackett’s band does a wonderful job with the Genesis songs. However, the last two times that I saw him the Genesis songs were 50% of the show. There are so many great songs from his solo career that he can not fit into his set list.


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